Everything is so Beautiful.

How are you all doing? I hope you all doing good as i am :)
So i just got back from Bali on Wednesday night, it was wonderful. Bali's light seems like Kusama Yayoi's installation of "Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity" (at least for me).

Anyway, the 1 month trip was very... delightful. It wasn't great (well, it was), but i feel it more in a beautiful way. As i mentioned before, i never knew that Ubud is a very beautiful little town. They're balanced in the pleasure and spiritual way. Keeping the tradition alive while the modern things also grown. The town is more lay back than Jakarta. Everything seems nice, like you're falling in love, lol (maybe i am with ubud).

I felt the positive energy around the town, even i still amazed by that kind of feeling. I never had it before when i was in Jakarta. The people there more humble and nice, like they are sharing a good energy to you. Even the plants and the animals did (lol, i know it sounds kinda cheesy, but that's what i felt there). I enjoyed my 7 - 8 hours sleep, a simple fruit salad in the morning with cup of coffee, the morning sky changing color, the sun, the heat, the rain, everything there make me feel grateful about what i had.

The first day i arrived in Ubud, i felt very stressed and heavy, by the time, i learn how to appreciate myself and life even more. And suddenly it almost a month passed, then one day i just woke up very early, and sit at the balcony, alone in the dark. Somehow i can feel something in my heart, something that saying thank you for everything. I'm still amazed with this feeling too, how my mind and heart quite changed since the first time arrived.

We were lucky enough to be able to see Ngaben ceremony. It's a traditional Balinese cremation ceremony. I saw it when i was a little, but barely remember than the big black bull. And now i back as an adult with my mind more aware to surrounding. When they start the ceremony (which is more like a traditional wedding party), and heard the instrument, i'm crying, lol. it just beautiful, about the dedication they have for holding to the tradition.

We stay in a small accommodation room owned by a little family. So sometimes they were kids playing around the accommodation. One day there was a boy that came to play with the host kids. Fortunately i brought 2 sets of animal toys (at first i thought i was going to use it for artworks), they just come and start to play with it (of course after they asked my permission). This boy, when he played with it, start to hum a traditional kecak song. Oh well it was surprised me, i never heard any boy in Jakarta hum a traditional song, instead some stupid Indonesian song.

So for me, it was a very beautiful trip, more than just learned about ceramic. I learned many things there. Especially for feeling more grateful.

ps: This was my longest writing, which is i believed my grammar was very bad, so excuse me for that. And if you want to see some more photos of my Ubud trip, please check my flickr :) thank you.


cav said...

" Oh well it was surprised me, i never heard any boy in Jakarta hum a traditional song, instead some stupid Indonesian song. "


aku ingat terakhir kali kita bertemu dan suramnya kita.

minggu depan sudah ceria dong ya ;)

Sun said...

Sure, let's meet up next meet :)

Make it Easy said...

oooh fun!
im so happy for you for doing this trip! it seemed like a nice get away! and also very pretty pictures sun! full of light

julia said...

nice =D