The Little Dröm Store & Kki

I'm just got back from Singapore last night. Only a short trip there for 5 days and 4 nights, but still quite nice : ) i found some area that quite interesting and some shops. My favorite one is this little shop called The little dröm store & Kkki, Just in the corner of Ann Siang hills. They shared one room for both. The little dröm store sells many cute goodies, from vintage one to independent artist photo books (They even got Yoshitomo Nara's Tote bag! unfortunately the price not good for my wallet, lol). And Kki sells, of course cakes and cookies. I tried only 2 cakes (Something with coconut ad passion fruit and the other is Chocolate with coffee), which is very very good! if you're traveling to Singapore or live there, drop by, the cakes could cheer up your day : )

That's the owner of the Kki shop, Delphine and Kenneth as the Baker. Nice people : )

Open: Everyday - 11am to 9pm
Thur - 11am to 7pm
Sat - 11am to 4pm

(T): +65 62255541 (i'm not sure if Kki shares same phone no. with The little dröm store or not )


Ario Achda said...


they're on my destination list if sumday i go there! :)

btw the shop interior is!

Make it Easy said...

the shop owners are CUUTE!

Sun said...

Ario: You should try their cake! All of it! haha

Aron: Yes, very cute couple. Opened the shop together : D