Every end of the year i always try to look back and think what this year meant to me. Since i graduated from my university, i found life is more interesting somehow (to me). When i trace back to 3 years ago until now, i could say every years always teach me something about life, from friendship, work, love, gratefulness, happiness. Little by little. And today is the last day of 2010, i try to find what this year have taught me. Personally, i'd say this year quite weird for me, i quit my job on the second month and then went to Bali for a month, then continue my study about ceramic and end up back to work again 2nd month before the end of the year. on my period of contemplating, it taught me a lot actually, be more open, give a chance to life, be grateful, stay happy, be more positive and try to share that positivity to other people. I start to sound like a self-motivator book writer :-p

Now I've move to live alone, hopefully it's a good start too for the next year. I always looking forward to the new year, curious what or where it'll bring me.

And thank you for all the kind reader, have a wonderful new year :-)

Here's a gift for you, I've uploaded it on my other blog. It was a year ago, but hopefully you still could enjoy this :-)

Moonchime for mac and pc.


Yoli said...

Happy New Year and may this next one bring you much joy, health, happiness and successes.

Sun said...

Merry Christmas too Yoli :-) All The best!

julia said...

New beginning is scary, isn't it? At least, gue selalu ngerasa begitu. But it's a good state to start something better. Semangat!