Nao Shimizu

I miss walking under the sunlight and enjoying the day pass by.
All photos byNao Shimizu


Make it Easy said...

omg. i love this post and all your posts recently!! im gonna do a post about you just because. haha

i was pico the other day talking with tomo in "my room", and his friend came and visited, and thought i was you! he said "hi sun!" and i was like uuuuh, im not sun. haha and he said he thought i was you from i guess the way i looked and also the aesthetic from my room. and i realized, wow, me and sun really do have similar tastes. youre like my long lost brother. haha <3


Hi there! Found your blog through my friend, Aron. Like his blog, yours is so relaxing and I really enjoy the images!

I browsed through your older entries and saw that you were in Singapore and tried K-ki! I live in Singapore, but I've never tried their cakes because the place is always packed, haha! Anyway, I look forward to your future entries!


Sun said...

Awwe Thank you Aron <3 Yah, we have similar taste, hopefully we could share our interest each other, ne.
haha, some people even thought it was you on my profile picture :-p

Anton, Thank you :-) yah, i've been there twice, but the place always empty only me and the owner, Their cakes are nice and tasty! you should try it!

at swim-two-birds said...

love :-)