Smoked Salmon Railway Machine

Smoked Salmon Railway Machine
2010.3.10 RELEASE

1. singing in the afternoon
2. middle of the mountain
3. autumn in Hanoi 〜dedicated to Kim Sinh〜
4. smoked salmon railway machine
5. dancing with little happiness
6. dark brown town
7. 猫とカモメと坂の驢馬
8. お茶と正座
9. a busy baby
10. coffee break in the barn
11. my little wombat
12. someday my wombat will come
13. journey to the unknown kingdom
14. singing in the dawn
15. nightfall

I put a song a song from Smoked Salmon Railway Machine, a project by Gonzalez Mikami of GONTITI.


Yoli said...

I am enjoying this a lot thank you!

gini said...

here it is!!!

Make it Easy said...

omg thanks for sharing. i didnt know he made a little side project. I LOVE IT. the song definitely adds to your page!!!