The Naked Kitchen

Despite of the title, The Naked Kitchen, and the story (imho), i bet you will like this movie. Visually it was very interesting. Cute store, natural lighting, lot of good food, nice clothes, good interior, basically the props were great, the cast also nice. The music also very nice. Even if you weren't interested with the story, the visual is worth to see. I only wish the story will be more interesting.



Yoli said...

I would love to see it!

saya said...

i really watch this movie !!!!!
kawaiii !!
thanks for sharing!

tamara said...

The movie looks really enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping by, Sun, and for commenting. :-)

Sun said...

Yoli & Tamara, yes! visually it's very good!
Saya, No problem :-) Thank you for sharing good things too ne.

Genevieve said...

:) thanks for sharing, I just watched it. It is lovely

Make it Easy said...

ooh the movie still look nice! thanks for sharing sun!