In life you never know what the future holds for you. Is it bad or is it good, it's all depend on how you look at it. i always try to look something as a chance for me to do something better. Well that's life, all you need is to be ready for something unexpected. To start a this new month is kinda tough for me, but like Kobayahi Satomi said in Kamome Shokudou, "Daijoubu ne, tabun".

The video is from movie calle プール, i haven't see it myself, since it doesn't have any subtitles, but i really like this song,
it's sweet and lovely (Kobayashi Satomi sing, what else you could ask?)
i wish i could do something like this more,
oh well, just try our best, ne~


Make it Easy said...

arigatou for my birthday gift!!!

Yoli said...

I like your view in life and your lovely blog so much.

kitchu said...

oh i love this so much, thank you for always sharing things that inspire me and uplift me! i so enjoy coming to this space... :)

julia said...

Hi Sun. Tetap semangat ya.

Btw, mungkin kamu bakalan suka ini.

Ohashi Trio.

Check it out, keep smiling! ^^

Sun said...

Julia, Thank you, iya pernah denger, lucu yah sirkus" gt :-)