Intel®Museum of Me

An application on Facebook, that allowed you to have a virtual exhibition of yourself, haha. What attracts me actually not the application, but the song for it by Masakatsu Takagi. The song will be available in the end of June to be downloaded, Nijiko.

This is just the commercial for it. I think you should try the real app, because the music is way more beautiful in the app!

Intel®Museum of Me


India said...

What will Facebook do next?!?

Thanks for sharing the music - it's beautiful.

Sun said...

Hello India,
Nothing, haha, it just for fun i guess. The application will calculate your data, like who is the person you interact the most, or what words you used a lot, that kind of stuff, and they will make a graphic like a museum, that's all. but the song is beautiful :-)

kitchu said...

the music? exquisite!

facebook? i mean... wow, how much more self centered can we become?

有力 said...

I love the music, thank you for sharing!!!

Ella said...

this is a rather brilliant idea....even if it is rather narcissistic! and the song is beautiful!!