Tokyo Oasis

Another movie, come from Kana Matsumoto, the director of Mother Water. The cast mostly same with Megane and Mother Water, with Tomoyo Harada too! It'll be released this October. Nothing much for now, but can't wait to see it, i don't think they will have it outside of Japan though, like Mother Water and Pool :-(

Tokyo Oasis


India said...

Looks good! Megane is one of my favourite films and I really want to watch Mother Water and Pool but, like you, they aren't available in my country :(

I really like Masako Motai too. Kamome Diner is another one of my favourites :)

有力 said...

It saddens me that I won't be able to see it.

Make it Easy said...

wowowow sun! another movie?!
youre always so good at keeping on track with these great japanese movies!!!
but is there no trailer? or am i just blind and i cant find it on the website....haha
awww, i feel like i will never be able to see these movies!! haha not even seeing pool or mother water yet, makes me sad that i won't see this one either. haha
but thanks for sharing!!!!
i like the solid colours theyre wearing in the blog photo! red, black, yellow, blue :-)

Sun said...

@India & Yoli, well, there still might a little chance they wil available, though. But since Mother water and Pool aren't, so this one might not be as well, so sad :-( Kamome is my all time favorite too!

@Aron, Yes, it's still on production i guess, you might be able to see it if you go to Japan around October, hahaha, so much to watch the movie, actually i see Mother water played in a movie festival, so i guess these kind of movie only could be catch up in movie festival, if you live outside of Japan.