Life in a Day

This is so beautiful! a documentary project about life in a single day around the world! sometimes i've this kid of question in my head, about what happened to other people on the other side of the world, while i'm working, sleeping, sad or happy. This documentary kinda reminds us how small we are in this world, and all the problems we have is just a small part of it. Always have faith and hope in life :-) Also in a way actually we're connected each other, even though we live in different places. I love this kind of documentary! it'll be inspiring and help you to stay positive with your life :-)

note: oh did you guys noticed a woman that sit on the grass, she looks so beautiful like Cate Blanchett.


Yoli said...

I love this, thank you for sharing.

kitchu said...

covered in goosebumps after seeing this preview, i cannot wait to see the documentary. thank you for posting this.

kitchu said...

oh how wonderful!

Make it Easy said...

oh my gosh... this looks so moving and touching. i want to see this

Sarin Aladadi said...

ahh this is magnificent, thanks for sharing! wonderful blog! i totally just watched the link twice... :)