Hello there, how are you doing, been a while since the last post. I've been working on some personal project and my kitchen.
Today is my birthday, nothing much going on, except it makes me think about my future even more. I wonder is it only me or people that hit more than quarter of their life think more than before about what we've done all these past year. Oh well, i just wish all the simple nice things for the future, hopefully everything gonna be better than before. Cheers to life.

Anyway, if you live in Indonesia and want to treat yourself for Eid ul-Fitr, our kitchen got some offer for the cookies and cake. For more info you could go to our facebook page, and don't forget to hit the like button and spread teh good news, thaaank you!


note: our kitchen have their own blog, if you're interested to see it.


julia said...

Sun, selamat ulang tahun! Masih muda laaaaah, jalan masih panjang. Hehehe...Have a blast!

HS said...

cookies, great timing on a great day hehe


Sun said...

Julia, thank you :-)

HS, hope so :-)

Make it Easy said...

aww HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUN!!!!!!!!!!
my dear friend, i am so happy for your kitchen!! it really is turning out for the best! i am always so impressed with your creations!! looks so delicious!

have wonderful days!
and cheers to life and cheers to YOU!

kitchu said...

you have such talent!!

happiest of birthdays to you :)

saya said...

oh! sun!!
happy birthday ♡♡
: )))
big hugs!
i really love your works!!!!!

Sun said...

Thank you for all the wishes guys :-)

Anonymous said...

Your creations in the kitchen are so amazing! I'm truly impressed. Congratulation on your birthday and for this beautiful site (that I'll be returning to regularly).

Camila Faria

tamara said...

Sure, I can't know your real life, but through your blogs it seems that you're doing many things just right. Have a happy year!! 26 now? ...All is pretty here, like always. :-)

gini said...

hippy birthday!!!!
gini from south of france!