A Year After.

A shirt trip to Ubud, basically it's for the exhibition.
Unfortunately i didn't take so much pictures while i was there, just try to enjoy the time and kinda busy with the exhibition preparation. But we still got chance to visit our friend, sisibag. They have open a bigger shop at Ubud. Well, after a year, so many things have changed, some shops closed and new one are coming. I still prefer to enjoy the rice field and sunny road at Ubud than the nightlife at Kuta/Seminyak. This time i got a chance to see Kecak dance, one of traditional dancing in Bali, that performed mostly by male by chanting the word "cak" over and over again. It was a new spiritual experience.

If you curious about how does the central Ubud looks like, you could read my previous post here or check my friend See, Hear, Say about her trip while staying at Ubud, Bali

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kitchu said...

this is a place i long to see and experience. i truly envy that you have spent time here. thank you for sharing the photos and links :)