TEDxJakarta - Zaini Alif - The Secret Meaning of "Hom Pim Pa"

*unfortunately it doesn't have any subtitles

Mainly it's about traditional Indonesian games. About the philosophy behind each games, you might find something similar in your country but maybe in different name. I find this very interesting, since i never thought the game have a deep lesson behind it. While i was a kid i just play it. But after i watched this video and know about what i've played back then, i makes me amazed and kinda feel sad for kids these days. I never know before that a simple game could taught you about hard work to achieve something, or about God or about empathy, learn to share things with others and stuff. And one thing that i wish we still put attention these days is to learn about nature. As we grow older and older with advanced technology we tend to forget about nature, that we're part of nature, it's like we lost our touch with nature little by little. Well i just hope our future generation won't forget about it entirely.

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