Casual Days issue 0.1: Travellers

I've been a fan of Casual poet culture since a long time. 2 years ago I planned to visit their café, unfortunately it already closed (Rebecca you should open it again! :-p) Anyway, the good thing is, Rebecca Toh, the owner decided to publish an independent magazine! And I received Casual Days magazine last week, right before i went to the airport for Bali. It's lovely magazine! The photos are beautifully chosen! And another good news is if you live in Indonesia and interested to order it, you could order it through my surely/someday + kitchen by sending an e-mail to :-)


Make it Easy said...

ooh you got one!
how exciting!
i love your first photo with the slippers :-)
i'm going to be in the next issue!! :-D i can't wait to see it!!!

Sun said...

Whoaa, congrats! Can't wait to see the next issue! :-D