It has been almost a week since the Tsunami in Japan.
I read a lot of depressing news before on the media, almost for a week.
But hopefully everything will be good eventually, i believe a lot of nice people in this world that support them, even only by trying to cheer their friends from far.

despite of bad news that media have covered a lot, which is could make people even more panic, My friend, HelloSandwich, once posted this article. Maybe The situation there isn't recovered fully yet, but at least these pictures show some hope :-)

That's why there is a word Ganbatte in Japan, to always stay strong!
Stay strong Japan, our thought with you all the time!


kitchu said...

i like this word very much and i am filled with hope knowing how the world has come together to support and help Japan.

my thoughts never leave the people there.

Sun said...

Yes, even though i found some heartless comments about Tsunami in Japan, but i hope there will be more people that spread love than hatred. Who need so much hatred these days. We should be stay together to help each other and earth.