Hirokazu Koreeda (歩いても歩いても、誰も知らない (Nobody Knows)、Air Doll) new movie, I Wish (Kiseki),

After his parents get divorced, Koichi (Koki Maeda) winds up living with his mother and grandparents in Kagoshima, while his brother Ryunosuke (Oshiro Maeda) lives with their father in Fukuoka. The brothers dream of their family being reunited one day, so they’re both very excited when the Kyushu Shinkansen is completed, especially when they hear that a miracle will occur when the first trains meet. Because of this, they decide to do whatever they can do make sure this miracle actually takes place.
(via nippon cinema)

And Kiseki means miracles. Hope there will be a lot of miracles happened in Japan now.


kitchu said...

oh i hope this too! thank you for this word. i will write it down, keep it in my pocket like a prayer.

i hope this film will come to us in the States subtitled, i would love to see it.

saya said...

i really like his movie!!
thanks for sharing!!

and i found Honoka sakai's free download page!!
i hope you like this <33

Sun said...

Kitchu, me too, hope it'll released soon.

Saya, EE, arigatou! i've been to that website before, but i don't realize there is Honoka sakai's :-D

Make it Easy said...

ooo i didnt know he made a new movie!
i must see this!!
especially with Joe Odagiri! aaaah, so hot
aaand music by it already!