Surely/Someday + Kitchen

I always dream to have own little bakery/café shop in the future. After i resigned from my full time job i decided maybe this is the time to start it. At least in a small scale first, little by little and surely someday it will be big (to have a real little shop), hopefully :-p I make basic cakes & cookies, because them to be honest, without anything fancy to cover up their taste or looks. Right now we don't really have many selection, but we'll make some more variations for you to choose.

So my fellow blog reader from Indonesia (unfortunately i can't ship it aboard,yet), if you're interested to order some for an event, bazaar or just to reward yourself :-) , please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or a message on facebook.

Surely/Someday + Kitchen

Note: The name was taken from a movie, Surely Someday, directed by Oguri Shun. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I really like the feeling and the optimism of it. Here's the soundtrack of the movie, done by the famous composer, Yoko Kanno.

beautiful lyric :-)


kitchu said...

i think that is a fantastic dream and one you can achieve!

julia said...

Sun, you are so courageous!
Gue sampe sekarang belum berani resign dari kerjaan gue yang 9-5 ini.
Gue demen konsep 'dapur' elu. Wish you the best luck! ^^
Entar gue recommend ke temen2 gue ya.

Make it Easy said...

im so happy and proud of you sun!
i love how your starting your dream of baking! im sure you will go far :-)

Sun said...

Kitchu, Thank you! I wish you could achieve all the dreams you hope for too!

Julia, hore :-D makasih yah!

Aron, Thank you, yes hopefully it will :-)

Ella said...

yummy! that sounds like a fine little dream :)

p.s: i gave you a little award on my blog

Patusibu said...

Mmmmmmmmm delicious!!!!