Thank you for the Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Ella,
and here's simple seven facts about myself,

• When i think about something, i need to move around either walking back and forth or in circle.
• One day i woke up and randomly decided to be a vegetarian.
• I'm thinking and worrying too much about anything.
• When i was a kid, i really like to see statues, especially at the buddhist temple.
• I used to think, it'll be fun if became so small like an ant and have a big adventure in my backyard.
• I love white, greenish blue, light and muted color.
• I like mountain than beach.

Now i would like to pass this to my other blogger friends, Aron, Kitchu and Yoli. Orthers are welcome too! I would love to know a bit of you.



kitchu said...

i am like you and prefer the mountains and i love this idea of being an ant and having a big adventure in your backyard!

i am usually terrible about getting around to tags but promise to try to do this one today :)

Make it Easy said...

oooh very interesting!
i did not know you were a vegetarian!

thank you for passing this on to me!!!!
i will fill it out tonight!

Yoli said...

How sweet! I did not see this!

1.Well, I am a vegetarian too!
2.I used to be a Fencer.
3.I adore my two parrots and enjoy their noise.
4. I am very restless and cannot concentrate when people speak slowly.
5. I love red.
6. I am ambidextrous.
7. I do not leave my house without perfume.

Sun said...

Wow Yoli, i wish i was an ambidextrous too :-D