Hello all, it's been a while. I just got back from holiday in Perth.
Very nice city to live, to take a walk, to read a book and spend your time while enjoying the time pass by.



julia said...

Hi Sun!

Foto2nya pasang lagi ya yang banyak. They are very nice.

Brooke said...

lovely lovely photos! looks like a nice trip.

Make it Easy said...

wait, you went to australia!???!!!
you never told me this!! omg how fun!!

Sun said...

Julia: Terima kasih, nanti yah hehe, satu satu.

Brooke: Thank you, it is! it was a lovely trip :-)

Aron: Haha, yah i did, i'll tell you about it later ;-D

kitchu said...

the light, tone and perspective in these is simply amazing. i love how you see the world around you.

Sun said...

Thank you Kitchu, You're so nice :-)