If you could read Japanese, this map from Perth Express, a free monthly Japanese magazine, might come quite handy for you to go around Perth.

Surely/Someday + Kitchen is back in business,
Have a nice day everyone!

Random fact: There is a cat bus in Perth that inspired Miyazaki Hayao to make Nekobasu.


kitchu said...

i love that cat and the reflection photo is so lovely.

ren said...

Another of Miyazaki's inspirations was the Busselton Jetty - about 2.5 hours south of Perth. Did you get to go there? I'm lucky enough to LIVE in Busselton - YAY for me!

Sun said...

Yes, my friend told me about this place to, insporation for Sen to Chihiro, unfortunately i didn't have a chance to visit it :-(
Maybe one day, the scenery seems beautiful :-)