Zakka Box

Zakka Box is nothing you need but all you want. Of course they got useful things as well. An interesting small shop in Perth, selling cute things for craft or home ware. They even got Moomin and macaroon shaped containers! I should have taken more pictures there, but since i'm kinda too shy :-p to ask. The owner is a very kind person too, she would like to help you or introduce interesting products. Please refer to their website or Facebook for more information :-)

Zakka Box
Shop 2/611 Beaufort Street,
Mt Lawley WA 6050
T. 08 9227 6338


danica said...

i love zakka box! it's just down the road from my house. lovely pictures :)

Sun said...

Eee, really? i was staying around there too. If i live there, i might be buy lot of things from there :-D