Cabin Fever

A nice little cafe, Cabin Fever. I like the details of this place, spoons on the wall, pompom, Tape light, beads along the wall, some broken plates on the wall, etc. It would be nicer if there is more sunlight and view to the street. Interesting enough, while i was trying the coffee, there was a small gig by local musician (i guess). She sings wonderful folk music and her voice is very nice too! i wonder if she got album or website yet, hmm..

Cabin Fever's website & Facebook

*updated: The singer called Kite Magic, she hasn't got any website, but she will released an EP soon, check Her FB for more info.


Ella said...

aw how cute and cozy this cafe looks!

kitchu said...

i am in love with this place!

and i have been meaning to tell you that because of you, i have found some wonderful music and my i-tunes library is growing and growing. i get so happy every time i open your site and hear something new. you have such wonderful taste!

Sun said...

Ella, It it but unfortunately the place is inside a building, it could be nicer if there is more windows. But overall it's a very nice café

Kitchu, My pleasure to share nice things with other people too. Thank you for always leaving a comment, Kitchu :-)