Spring/Fall Menu Set

New cookies to celebrate spring and fall is up :-)
And here's for the Spring/Fall + menu set

check our site too *still under construction, though :-p* or straight to our Facebook page.

Happy weekend peeps :-)

Update * My fault, I set the only one that could view the page is from Indonesia :-( but now i've changed it to everyone, so feel free to check the page again, please let me know if there is something wrong, cheers!


MAGIO said...

pretty pics, and site.. but I can't enterd yet..

Sun said...

Thank you, Magio. Yes, it's still under construction, for a while please go to the facebook page :-)

MAGIO said...

facebook also something broken i think ;_; let me in~

Make it Easy said...

sun!!! these look sooooo great! i cant believe how well you can bake! its sooo cute! and all the pictures are so nice. your website too! i love how simple it is, that background picture with the flowers... LOVE IT!

grub said...

hey Sun! your bakes look so yummy :) if i ever go to Indonesia, i'm heading to this cafe :D