One of my all time favorite artist, Takagi Masakatsu (高木正勝), just released a new mini album, it contains new single, Nijiko (Rainbow Girl). You might be familiar for the song, because it was commissioned for Intel®Museum of Me. It got 4 different version of Nijiko, i love the origin version one, it's so beautiful and very Indonesian in my opinion, since He used a lot of Gamelan sound and even a sound from Kecak Dance, and it even comes with a digital booklet with lot of Nijiko illustrations. Overall it's another beautiful piece! You can grab the album at the itunes store.


kitchu said...

thank you for the suggestion, you always link such wonderful music to add to my collection!

Make it Easy said...

ahh he released a new one!!?? yay!!
im so sad because on my old ipod i had like 2 takagi masakatsu albums on there, but it ALL erased!!!
so saaad. hahah
i guess i can download them again, but it can get exspensive :-(

Sun said...

Kitchu, no problem :-) you should get it, it's beautiful piece.

Aron, aah, so sad :-(