1 Minute Journey.

A great project initiated by Ryosei Suzuki, a traveller film maker. 1 day in 1 minute; around the world.

viewing in HD is recommended.

The project reminds me of MUJI music album around the world with visual. I really love the music (don't you?), and I wish they will release the compilation. Kenji Yasuda has an album though, he goes with the name sphontik

1 minute journey.

CATCH 「キャッチボール」

A 15 min long movie produced by Intel.
"CATCH" - This is a heart-warming story about a boy located in Tokyo.
What's inside is at the core of what we do every day at Intel, but it's more than just what we make that counts.
It is the passion behind everything Intel does to enrich people's lives.

108 Desires.

It has been a while to hear a beautiful sound as this.


HIDALI is back with video St. Valetine.

Below are my personal favorites,